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Decor & Furnishings

The perfect sofa and the right paint color are a great start to creating your dream home.  But if you want to go from nice to fabulous, you'll need the right accessories. 

It's not always easy to put together a beautiful accessory collection, but start with toss pillows.  No matter what the overall budget, we recommend splurging on eye-catching fabric for your pillows.  Keep the sofa simple and affordable if you must, but set aside a little extra to give the room some punch with the pillows.  And by all means, go for down inserts if you can afford to.  Take the fabric to your local upholsterer or call us at (530) 583-6076 and we can have the pillows made for you depending on the size of the order.  If you want a faster solution, order some of our charming ready-made pillows. 


Next we say "Get the artwork right".  We're always on the hunt for interesting old mountain oil paintings.  We also love local paintings by local artists.  By the way, if you have soaring ceilings in your mountain home, as so many of us do, remember to keep the scale of your artwork big. 


Here's a design tip:  If you want to up your style factor significantly, create a little contrast.  The most interesting rooms mix in antiques with some modern too.  Check out our one-of-a-kind antiques for the special item or two that's going to add character and interest to your room.


Finally, stock up on candles, cozy throws, a supply of wonderful books and favorite games plus everything you need to light a fire in your mountain retreat.  These little accessories create a feeling of comfort and luxury that will keep you and your guests coming back for more.